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About Divya Education Group

One of the best Yoga training institute & education group with excellent training programmes & courses.

Divya Education Group is an Educational organisation which is registered under the society act 1860 and rules & regulations of Govt. of India. It is also an ISO:9001:2015 Certified organisation under Educational institute section. Divya Yog Avam Prakritik Chikitsa Sansthan is Regd. with Ministry of H.R.D., Govt. of India and also member of Quality council Of India (QCI) Under QCI Monitoring and  Membership number is approved under the category of University/Professional Institute. Membership No.:- CORP/EDU/6194/2018-19. And Regd. with ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India. UAM Regd. No.- UP43D0021248.  Divya Education Group is also a Regd. member of Mahatma Gandhi Yoga & Naturopathy Council Of India. Membership No.-EDU/MGYNC/0078/5483.
We believe that yoga is not mean exclusively for old age to rejuvenate their life by living in the mountains, and wanted to bring it to householders—the men and women who have to work, toil, commute, earn a living, raise children, and fight the battle of life everyday.
Yoga is meant for every one who wan't to live their life happily & disease free so to promote this awareness aming the generation we at Divya Education Group established and since the day of our establishment we are growing more and more and becoming a popular institution in entire state of Uttar Pradesh. We truly believe that the householder & youngesters along with the elder ones could benefit immensely from this knowledge. Little surprise then that Divya Education Group is known as the best institute for Modern Yoga Renaissance.

Why choose DIVYA Education Group

Divya Education Group is one of the best Yoga Institute providing high quality education to Yoga Enthusiast.

High Quality Education System

Divya Education Group is committed towards the high quality education programmes, we are always committed towards our quality of education system hence we adopt the latest technology to improve our education system

Backed by Expert Team

We are backed by team of expert trainers & teachers who have excellent knowledge & experience in Yoga Training., Divya Edcuation Group is among the top Yoga institute in state of Uttar Pradesh and moving towards the entire Nation with their extreme quality services & facilities.

100% Success Ratio

We at Divya Education Group committed towards high quality education system., since our establishment we provided the best yoga training to our students and help them to grow as an expert yoga trainer